The three names printed at the bottom of the container for the 3 Merry Widows brand of condoms, a popular variety in the early 20th century. These reusable condoms were sold in metallic canisters, which lead to Luster believing that it was a quarter.

"3 Merry Widows: Agnes Mabel Becky"
"3 Merry Widows: Agnes Mabel Becky"

"Where'd you get that." he said. His tie was red in the sun, walking.
"Found it under this here bush." Luster said. "I thought for a minute it was the quarter I lost."
He came and took it.
"Hush." Luster said. "He going to give it back when he done looking at it."
"Agnes Mabel Becky." he said. He looked toward the house.
-TSAF 50


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