Bluebeard's Castle is a one-act opera composed in 1911 by Bela Bartok with a libretto written by Zoltan Kodaly. In the opera, a young woman named Judith is brought into a castle by Bluebeard. The castle is isolated and compartmentalized. There are seven locked doors which Judith insists Bluebeard opens despite his pleading. The contents of the first five rooms Judith notices are all stained with blood: a bloody torture chamber, a collection of weapons, a collection of riches, a bountiful garden, and a window overlooking the entire kingdom. Within the sixth room is a silent lake made of tears and in the final room are Bluebeard's three former wives wearing heavy jewelry. Judith is promptly adorned with jewelry and locked in the seventh room.

...Miss Rosa to look upon her sister as a woman who had vanished not only out of the family and the house but out of life too, into an edifice like Bluebeard's and there transmogrified into a mask looking back with passive and hopeless grief upon the irrevocable world, held there not in durance but in a kind of jeering suspension by a man..." (AA, 47)