long entry ideas:

Big House (i.e., the figure of the antebellum planter's house as a model of aspiration: e.g., the homes of the Compsons, Sutpen, McCaslin, etc.)
boundary (thinking about literal spatial boundaries, especially re: ownership of land, but also metaphorical boundaries such as those containing racial/sexual mixture)
cars (might be medium-length)
development (in economic sense especially, with special reference to "uneven development" within modern US and or "arrested development" or "inertia" as figures for South)
dirt (or mud) (thinking about Caddy's muddy drawers or figurations of "white trash" etc.) Check out Dirt and Desire on this.
endurance ("Appendix, Compson, 1699-1945" and check out Glissant's FAULKNER, MISSISSIPPI)
flowers (might examine role played by honeysuckle, wistaria, narcissus, roses, etc. across several novels)
names/naming (thinking about Addie's riff on names, problem of names in LIA, perhaps Faulkner's rather Dickensian penchant for embedding hints about characters in names)
speculation (thinking about a) the obsession with the markets in the Jason section of TSAF and b) Quentin's and Shreve's speculation about the Sutpen family in AA)

medium entries:

any major character, including:

Ikkemotubbe (AA 33, also GDM, and see Glissant's long riff on the character)
Caroline Compson [ltshanley]
Dalton Ames
Herbert Head
Jason Compson (elder)
Jason Compson (younger)
Luster (Cara)
Mrs. McEachern
Quentin Compson
Quentin Head (?)
Shreve (TSAF or AA!)
Wash Jones
Uncle Buck (U) - (Melanie L)

any central location, including:
Compson home

other medium-length entries:
Andrews' Raid or The Great Locomotive Chase [Kristy O'Driscoll]
animal magnetism [Nick Neely]
apotheosis (one of Faulkner's favorite words: might be a "long" entry) (TSAF 177 et al.)
cotton exchange (Kelly Huang) (thinking about Jason's paranoid riffs on commodities markets on, e.g., 191)
carpetbagger [Bill Keane]
eyes [Misba]
prostitution (Harrison Troyano)
graphophone [Cody Piggott]
Gossip in LIA [Matthew Hitchman}
quickening [Mike Monahan]
paternity/patriarchy/patrilineality [Sophia Curran]
populism [Bill Keane]
Lucas Burch [Laura Nuzzo]
Memory in LIA (Kelly Huang)
mules [Stephanie Park]
railroads/trains [Portia Reiners]
ratiocination [Kristy]
redneck [Erica] (note that Q2s amour wears a "red tie," and that the red tie was appropriated by Bilbo, Vardaman, and other populist politicians as a sort of joke on their "redneck" roots and constituency)
tragicomic [Casey Levinson]
urn/Keat's "Ode to Grecian Urn" [Nick Neely]
Vardaman (the politician, not the character in AILD: see above note on "redneck")

short entries:

any minor character, object, or place-name

1910: year of Quentin’s suicide, AAs narration, Flem Snopes’s arrival in Jefferson, and more metaphorically, the entry of a qualitatively new modern mode of life in the region.
abomination: (LIA, via Hines's "bitchery and abomination")
ambuscade (U 1)
arras-veil (AA 114)
avatar (LIA 7): “she advanced in identical and anonymous and deliberate wagons as though through a succession of creakwheeled and limpeared avatars, like something moving forever and without progress across an urn” (Portia Reiners)
assignation houses (282)
auger (AILD 73, 88) [Erica Rallo]
Bare Feet (LIA)
Beardsley (LIA 260) [Alex Youssef]
Benjamin (TSAF 58: the biblical Benjamin, not the character) [Stephanie Park]
bevel (AILD 78, 79, 82, 83)
Bluebeard (AA 47) [Stephanie Park]
brogans (AILD 11) [Misba]
broadcloth (AA 23) [Erica Rallo]
Brow, incandescent (AA 103)
bucket shop (TSAF 217)
buckboard (AILD 85) [Portia Reiners]
buckshot (AILD 76)
caliper (AILD 104)
Canaille (TSAF 111): “God would be canaille in Boston, too” [Christina S.]
Carcassones (AA 129)
cark (AA 68)
Caroline "Mammy" Barr (GDM, dedication) [Stephanie Park]
Cassandra (AA 47) [Kristy O'Driscoll]
catafalque (LIA 294, AA 100)
chatelaine (AA 28)
cherokee rose (AA, 236) [Stephanie Park]
Crinoline (AA 97)
“Christmas gift”: gloss the exchange between Q and the mule rider in VA in TSAF (87)
Country Recorder (AA 25) [Sophia Curran]
cud (AILD 97)
cuirass (TSAF 82)
Deacon (TSAF 82)
duenna (AA 89) [Kristy O.]
duster (AA 16) [Sophia Curran]
embusque (AA 137) [Stephanie Park]
Euboeleus (TSAF 148): arises in context of Caddy’s lovers. (Mary Rubi)
Eupheus Hines (LIA 349): might figure out what "eupheus" means in Greek
faience (AA 36)
Faustus (LIA 207) (Mary Rubi)
flotsam (AILD 141)
flywhisk (AA 23) [Sophia Curran]
"found not death at the salt lick" (TSAF 95)
foxtrot (AA 24) [Sophia Curran]
G.A.R. (TSAF 82): some kind of veterans’ organization that Deacon marches with in TSAF [Casey Levinson]
Galahad: (TSAF 110) HH calls Q a “half-baked Galahad” in Q’s memory/fantasy. (Mary Rubi)
Gayoso (TSAF 232)
girdle (AILD 121)
grabble (AILD 151 etc.)
Ham (LIA 238 etc.) [the son of Abraham, not the delicious taste treat]
heifer (e.g., LIA 182) (Kelly Huang)
hobble-de-hoy (AA 58) (Portia Reiners)
honeysuckle (in Q section of TSAF)
hoyden (AA 52): description of Judith [Erica Rallo]
Jezebel (LIA 204)
jimson weed (TSAF 55-6): also called "dogfennel" (56) and referred to as B's "graveyard" (56) (Katherine M)
Kodak Print (LIA 108)- (kelly huang)
livery stable (AA 24) [Sophia Curran]
Lochinvar on TSAF 93. [ltshanley]
Lothario (AA 83)
lustrum (AA 51)
Niobe (AA 8) [Casey Levinson]
nooky seat (AA 119)
Maingault or Mortemar (TSAF 92): reference by Quentin to chivalric tradition
mausoleum (TSAF 76 et al.)
moiling (AILD 137)s
morganatic: (LIA 365) see Weinstein 150.
octoroon (AA, 249) [Stephanie Park]
passel (AILD 106)
peakling (AILD 18)
Petronius (LIA 260)
phaeton (AA 17) [Sophia Curra]
picquets (AA 49)
pistoning (AILD 77)
plumb-line (AILD 3) [Sophia Curran]
portmanteau (AA 34)
Priapus (AA 97)
purlieu (AA 87)
pussel-gutted (AILD 13, 40): see WFs comment to UVA student in excerpts from interviews in NORTON ed of AILD.
raree show (AA 12) [Jeff Allred]
Roman Holiday (LIA 289) (AA 44)
rutting (AILD 131)
scantling (TSAF 251)
schottische (AA 35) [Sophia Curran]
scoriation (AILD 108)
Scythian (AA 74) [Laura Nuzzo]
Semiramis on TSAF 101.
serge patch (AILD 29)
stove polish (AA 104) (kelly Huang)
St. Francis (TSAF 79 etc): obscure references by Quentin to St. Francis’s sister. ??
stanchion (AILD 4, 147, 148, 231)
sybaritic (AA 76)
tableau savage (AILD 12) [Stephanie Park]
towsack (AILD 52) [Sophia Curran]
victuals (AILD 37, 191, 192)
"voice that breathed o'er Eden" (TSAF 81 et al.)
withers (AILD 13) [Lesley Saul]
wistaria (AA!) [Alex Youssef]