Atcheson Hench: Mr. Faulkner, I had—have down here on a list several words that I would like to ask you about. It's—one is the word "pussel-gutted." You spoke about Jewel calling his horse "pussel-gutted," and that was in mock affection. And then in another place Peabody—this is in, by the way, in As I Lay Dying—Peabody has "pussel-gutted" himself eating cold greens. I suppose that means make yourself flabby.

William Faulkner: Bloated, yes (Faulkner)

“Get the goddamn stuff out of sight while you got a chance, you pussel-gutted bastard. You sweet son of a bitch...”
--AILD (13)
“When Peabody comes, they will have to use the rope. He has pussel-gutted himself eating cold greens.”
--AILD( 40)

Faulkner, William. “Faulkner at Virginia: Transcript of Audio Recording.” Interview with Atcheson Hench. Charlottesville: Virginia, 1957. Print.